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Pledge to Be Plugged In

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Get Plugged In!

You can help create a sense of solidarity and support for tech-healthy parents in Mountain Brook by pledging to be Plugged In!

My family is committed to being……

(1) Plugged In to technology education:
We will make a reasonable effort to stay informed about safe, healthy technology use for our child(ren).

(2) Plugged In to a healthy pathway for technology: We will make a reasonable effort to follow a healthy pathway for technology adoption.

(3) Plugged In to our community:
We will make a reasonable effort to promote safe, healthy technology use in our community.

We will not share your information with others!

A common point of anxiety, frustration, and even despair for parents involves their kids, technology, and social media. Today’s parents have been put in an impossible situation. They feel a sense of responsibility and accountability for making safe and healthy decisions, but may feel they have been provided with limited information and guidance to empower them in technology-related choices.

MB Plugged In: Building Tech Healthy Families is a service of All In Mountain Brook which aims to offer parents more of the information, guidance, and support that they deserve.  By bridging the information gap between parents and those with authority on safe technology use among kids, MB Plugged In aims to provide resources to promote healthy technology use for our families. 

This ongoing community project includes--

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