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Alabama's Graduated Drivers License Law

Alabama law places certain restrictions on 16-year-old drivers, as long as they are 16 years old.

These restrictions also apply to those over 17, if they have been licensed less than 6 months.


By law, these young drivers may not drive with more than one passenger other than a supervising licensed driver at least 21 years old. The language of the law does permit additional passengers if they are family members.


For these drivers, the law prohibits operating a vehicle after midnight and before 6:00 PM, unless

a. accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

b. accompanied by a licensee 21 years of age or older with parental consent.

c. going to or from work.

d. going to or from a school-, or religious sponsored event.

e. driving due to a medical, fire, or law enforcement emergency.

f. driving to or from hunting or fishing activity in posession of required hunting or fishing license.


This law also disallows operation of a handheld communication device.



Violations may result in extension of these restrictions beyond age 16, suspension of license, and/or fines for the driver or a parent or legal guardian who knowingly allows the driver to engage in driving under conditions not allowed under the law.

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