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Lots of opportunities for involvement!

contact our Executive Director, Dr. Dale Wisely, at

collaborate to bring a program to your organization

We are a community coalition. We want to work with anyone--and any organization--in our community who wants to enhance and protect the lives of our youth. Work with us to bring speakers and educational opportunities about youth to your organization. We can provide staff training. We can hold listening sessions. Work with us!


or by check:


3179 Green Valley Road


Birmingham, Alabama 35243

ALL IN MOUNTAIN BROOK is a 501(c)3 established in 2014.

Board of Directors

KC Hairston, President

Temple Alexander, Treasurer

Pam Maldia, Secretary


City of Mountain Brook


Sam Gaston, City Manager

Chief Ted Cook, Police Dept.

Chief Chris Mullins, Fire Dept.

Billy Pritchard, City Council


Mountain Brook Schools


Dr. Dicky Barlow, Superintendent

Nicky Barnes, Board of Education

Amanda Hood, Director of Student Services

Phillip Holley, Principal, Mountain Brook High School

Donald Clayton, Principal, Mountain Brook Junior High

Ashley McCombs, Principal, Mountain Brook Elementary

Chris Yeager, Athletics





Suzan Doidge, Chamber of Commerce

Grant Cardwell

Greg Foster

Lyndsy Gardner

Jennifer Gray

Katherine Hinson

Becky Holt

Charlie Hussey

Skot Montgomery

Kelly Norwood

Tricia Pugh

Scott Reed

Jack Royer

Kristin Sartelle

Shannon Spotswood

Hill Weathers

Bevelle Worthen


Executive Director

Dale Wisely, Ph.D.

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