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Alcohol and Drug Awareness

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Mental Health & Wellness

Youth Mental Health In a Pandemic




Children’s of Alabama Psychiatric Intake Response Center
(Assistance with assessing mental health services for youth)

Crisis Center UTalk
(Teenagers text or talk with trained volunteers)



Adopted Children
Domestic Violence and Children
Mental Illness in Families
Healthy divorce: How to make your split as smooth as possible



Youth Suicide Prevention Resources here
Crisis Center UTalk

(Teenagers text or talk with trained volunteers)



National Institute of Mental Health: Teen Depression
More Than Sad: Teen Depression
“How to Talk to Your Teen About Depression, Suicide” Washington Post



All In A Minute Video on Stress and Anxiety 

Video of Presentation on Anxiety and Stress by Dr. Dale Wisely
AACAP: Your Adolescent — Anxiety and Avoidant Disorders
PsyCom: Helping Kids with Anxiety
CDC: Anxiety & Depression in Children
PsyCom: Hidden Signs of Teen Anxiety


National Institutes of Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder in Youth
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: Bipolar Disorder in Youth


ADHD 101: The Disorders
ADHD 101: The Disorders, Continued
ADHD 101: Clinical Treatments


All In’s All In A Minute Video on Sleep and Sleep Deprivation in Teenagers 

National Sleep Foundation: “Teens and Sleep”
American Psychological Association: “Young and Sleep-Deprived
US News & World Report: “The Importance of Sleep for Teen Mental Health
10 Tips to Help Your Teen Sleep


Parent Toolkit on Eating Disorders


How COVID 19 is Affecting Cyber Bullying

All In’s All In A Minute Video on Bullying
About Bullying by Casey Lancaster, MA, LPC, School Counselor, Mountain Brook Junior High
Questions and Answers About Bullying by Dale Wisely, Ph.D., All In Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook Student Bullying/Harassment Reporting Form
Mountain Brook Schools Reporting Line
Additional resources from Signe Whitson
Stop Bullying
National Bullying Prevention Center
Teaching Tolerance
National Education Association – Teaching Students to Prevent Bullying
Book: Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy by Emily Bazelon


Normal or Not: When to Get Help: AACAP
When To Seek Help For Your Child
Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents: Definition
Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents: Different Types
Psychiatric Medication For Children And Adolescents Part I – How Medications Are Used
Psychiatric Medication For Children And Adolescents: Part II – Types Of Medications
Psychiatric Medication For Children And Adolescents Part III – Questions To Ask




What Is My Value? The Ups & Downs of Teenage Life 
with Counselor Cindy Wiley

Part I  II  III


Parenting by Principle (with Dr. Dale Wisely)


Part I  II  III

Raising Resilient Children (with Alexis Sapp)

Part I  II

Disaster: Helping Children Cope
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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