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New study suggests “social hosting” laws reduce teen drinking.

Reuters reports on a new study that suggests fewer teenagers drink at parties in communities with “social hosting” laws.

In 2006, the Mountain Brook City Council approved an ordinance that holds adults responsible for underage drinking on their property. Somewhat unusual among these laws was the provision that a homeowner may be held legally responsible–and fined–when underage drinking occurs on their property even when the homeowner is not present and has no knowledge of it.

For more on the study, see this link:

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Australia has a significant underage drinking problem and have done some interesting research on parenting factors in recent years. This is the second study we recall seeing from Australia suggesting that parents who provide access to small amounts of alcohol to their kids when they are young, put them at risk for more drinking later on, not less. This is another piece of evidence that the idea that allowing children to have small amounts of alcohol at home will moderate their drinking in years to come. Click here.