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Next from All In: Dr. Dale Wisely on Parenting Teenagers

Dr. Dale Wisely, Director of Student Services at  Mountain Brook Schools, continues his series for parents, sponsored by ALL IN MOUNTAIN BROOK with a 2-part program on parenting teenagers.  He will present “Being a Parent of a Teenager, Part I: (Mis)understanding the Teenage Brain,” on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.  A second part to that talk, “Limits and Freedom,” is scheduled for the following Thursday, November 20, 2014, also at 9:00 a.m.   Both talks will be at the Charles Mason Board of Education Building.

Dr. Wisely, a child/adolescent psychologist since 1983, offers this 2-part program, new for 2014-2015, on being a more informed and effective parent to teenagers.

“These two talks are new,” said Wisely. “The second part deals with perhaps one of the most basic problems in raising teenagers: How to make decisions about how much freedom to provide teenagers, versus setting limits on their ability to go out and socialize with their friends. Every parent struggles with it and I think all of us make mistakes as we work our way through it.”

Wisely said that the first talk, on the teenage brain, is an attempt make sense of the now-common awareness that teenage brains are not fully developed. “This is something I’ve been interested in for a long time,” said Wisely. “It is clear the brain is still developing well into young adulthood. At the same time, I’ve been concerned about how that information is misinterpreted and, frankly, used against teenagers in a way that I believe is unfair and disrespectful. Brain development in the teenage years is actually a positive thing.  I hope to help us sort all of that out.”

Space is limited, so please register by phone (205) 877-8349 or email (

New study suggests “social hosting” laws reduce teen drinking.

Reuters reports on a new study that suggests fewer teenagers drink at parties in communities with “social hosting” laws.

In 2006, the Mountain Brook City Council approved an ordinance that holds adults responsible for underage drinking on their property. Somewhat unusual among these laws was the provision that a homeowner may be held legally responsible–and fined–when underage drinking occurs on their property even when the homeowner is not present and has no knowledge of it.

For more on the study, see this link:

Prescription Take Back Program


September 27th, 2014 10 A.M. until 2 P.M.

The Mountain Brook Police Department will again participate in this event. The drop off location will be on Tibbett Street in front of the Police Department. This program is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration and is designed to assist citizens in the safe disposal of unused, out of date, and unwanted prescription medications.

Mountain Brook is All In!

Welcome to the new web presence of All In.

ALL IN is a new community-based non-profit organization.

ALL IN  is a new name for the Mountain Brook Anti-Drug Coalition, newly committed to a broader mission.

The purpose of ALL IN  is to enhance and protect the lives of Mountain Brook youth.

ALL IN  brings together our youth, our schools, worship communities, city government, our families, and our business community to combat problems that put the lives and well-being of our youth at risk. These are examples:

  • substance abuse
  • underage drinking
  • emotional and behavioral problems
  • preventable accidents, including motor vehicle accidents.

ALL IN  is founded on the idea that the best chance we have to combat these problems is with a community-wide effort: Everyone pulling together for a common purpose.

ALL IN  will be providing information to parents, youth, and professionals who work with youth through speakers, workshops, and community events.

ALL IN  be offering ideas about how you can help enhance and protect the lives of our youth. You will be hearing more about

ALL IN  this year. Please join us in this exciting new effort.   BE ALL IN!