ADHD Video Series by Dr. Dale Wisely

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Dale Wisely, who is Director of Student Services at Mountain Brook Schools, has for nearly 30 years offered presentations for parents and others on ADHD.  His recent series at Mountain Brook Schools, co-sponsored by All In Mountain Brook, drew approximately 65 parents to each of three 90-minute sessions. Dr. Wisely is working on video versions of these workshops and has now completed the first set of three videos, about 25 minutes each, covering the nature of the ADHD disorders. They are available for viewing online. See link below.

ADHD 101: Videos by Dale Wisely

Additional videos are coming covering treatment and intervention. Watch this space for updates.

“There is no greater gift to a child with ADHD than to have adults in his or her live who truly understand this disorder,” said Wisely. “I think that is every bit as important as medication, as part of a program of trying to help these kids. Unfortunately, I believe probably far less than 5% of parents get the kind of basic education on the disorder that they need.”

The videos appear at this link: