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Renee Napier, whose daughter was killed by drunk driver, speaks tonight at Canterbury.

Tonight! Jan. 26 at 6:30 p.m., Canterbury United Methodist Church/Canterbury Center

This promises to be a very powerful program. This talk by Renee Napier, a mother who lost her daughter and her daughter’s friend, both 20, to a drunk driving incident will be compelling to say the least. Napier will be joined at the talk by the man who killed the young women—Eric Smallridge. See for a sneak peak at what we’ll hear at the talk.



Risk and affluent youth.

From article in January 9, 2015, NY Times on affluence and the risks it can bring to youth.

“Using a variety of data that included families with median household incomes of about $150,000, she found that the adolescents in higher-income families had higher rates of substance abuse of all kinds than those in lower-income ones. This makes a certain amount of sense, since they can afford the drugs, the vehicles to go buy them and the fake IDs that help with the procurement of Stoli and Jägermeister.”

Full article here: